About Your Full Service Railroad Contractor



Cleco Corporation has been committed to the highest level of service for over 30 years. This company has provided various services to some of the world's largest railroad companies and takes pride in a reputation of hard work, safety first, quality workmanship, and of course DEPENDABILITY! No job is too small or too short. WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE!


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Material Truck Services



Material handling trucks are used for on and off the rail handling equipped with high-rail capabilities. These trucks are dependable for moving plates, spikes and other various railroad material from track to track as well as car to car. Furthermore, the trucks are equipped with magnets which can be used to clean certain areas to remove spikes along with metal debris from the track , yard, and ballast areas. These trucks have been found to be extremely useful when massive amounts of spikes or plates need to be moved from one location to another.




Excavator Services



Tie Operations


Cleco employs one of the most innovative and advanced methods of tie loading and unloading in the world. Cleco combines superior operators, industry standard machinery, and our own ingenuity to create a far more efficient process. With our methods, the SAVINGS IS YOURS.


Ballast Stone Operations

Cleco has excavators in the field being used daily to load and unload ballast stone.

Clearing/Grubbing Services


We have excavators (hi-rail equipped if needed) to perform ditch cleaning as well as rock hammering. For brush cutting and other hands on jobs, we have chippers as well as experienced saw men available to meet your specific right-of-way clearing needs.




Misc. Services


Bridge Services

Cleco is here to help you maintain, repair, and build YOUR BRIDGE. Including, various concrete work in tunnels, bridges, etc. Also, providing welding truck services for bridge repairs.

Emergency Services

Cleco has and continues to provide top quality on call emergency services to the railroad industry. Slide and derailment emergency clean up services are one of our specialties that sets us out from our competitors because we are there rain or shine, ANYTIME!!


Track Services

Cleco has provided everything from new track installations to switches installs and repairs. Including track upgrades, tie replacements and/or various repairs


Equipment Services

We offer a wide range of equipment along with experienced operators. We have skid steers gangs available for cleanup services, etc. Also, we have various other heavy machinery available: Dozers, Booms Trucks, Motor Graders, etc. to fulfill all your specific construction industry needs.