Executive Team


J.W. Harman - President

Mr. Harman is President/CEO of Cleco Corporation. He has been with the company since before it became incorporated. Since 1977, he has been working to build this company. It is his strong belief that there is no job or task that takes priority over "Safety". One of his primary objectives is to ensure customer satisfaction in all aspects of operations. He places a strong emphasis in acknowledging the hard work and determination of Cleco's employees as being the leading factor to the current status of the corporation.

To contact J.W., email him at jwharman@clecocorp.com



Stephanie Campbell - Office Manager/Controller

Stephanie Campbell has been with Cleco Corporation for over 15 years. She graduated from Emory & Henry with a Bachelors degree in Accounting. Her title as Office Manager/Controller includes overseeing the financial productivity of all divisions within the corporation. She handles all accounts receivables. Furthermore, she is responsible for overseeing all office personnel to ensure smooth operations internally and externally.

To contact Stephanie, email her at: scampbell@clecocorp.com



Terry Ball - Executive Vice President of All Operations

Terry has been with the company since 1982. Mr. Ball started out as a laborer. While working his way up through the company, Mr. Ball had the opportunity to be out in the field as a part of all the divisions. His unique experience in all the divisions has lead to his current position as Executive Vice President. The responsibilities included in this positions are to ensure productivity of all operations as well as successful customer relations.

To contact Terry, email him at: terry@clecocorp.com



Jeff Moore-Safety Director

Jeff has 22 years of construction experience, prior to joining Cleco’s team he worked 4 years as a VDOT inspector. Jeff has been with Cleco now for 6 years. He began here as General Manager of the Bridge Division and spent time as Vice President of the Bridge Division. He is currently the assistant to our safety department; his responsibilities include: overseeing all safety operations as well as performing routine and random safety audits throughout all Cleco divisions. Mr. Moore strongly enforcing "Safety First" in all operations.

To contact Jeff, email him at: jmoore@clecocorp.com



Whitney Harman- Project Administrator/Estimator

Whitney worked part-time for Cleco for 6 years. In 2008, Whitney began working full time as Project Manager. She obtained a Masters degree in Business Administration through King College. Whitney assists in obtaining quotations, ensuring DOT compliance, maintaing mine safety programs, etc. In addition to management assistance, she is responsible for marketing, bid preparation, tracking delays, negotiations, and DOT compliances.

To contact Whitney, email her at: whitney@clecocorp.com




Wesley Wallace - Shop Foremam

Wesley has been with Cleco for over 15 years. His title as shop foreman includes coordinating repairs of equipment for all divisions. The overall fleet maintenance is another large responsibility that Mr. Wallace has performed for Cleco for several years. He also manages all shop technicians and keeps equipment up to date as well as in compliance with DOT and/or all other regulations. Mr. Wallace takes pride in ensuring the company’s fleet is productive.

To contact Wes, email him at: wes@clecocorp.com



Jodi Harman - Human Resources

Jodi has been with Cleco since May of 2004. Jodi obtained a Bachelors degree from Radford University. She began as an assistant to the payable department. Her title as Human Resource Manager includes responsibiliteis such as: Recruitment and retention of employees, performing drug screens, assisting applicants with new hire paperwork and conducting new hire oreintations. She also manages employee benefit programs and employee's 401k plans. Jodi works to assist our employee's needs and concerns. .

To contact Jodi, email her at: jodi@clecocorp.com




Donald Doran - Vice President of Grading/Excavation Division

Donald has been with Cleco for nearly 20 years. He has personally operated equipment in the field and overseen thousands of projects throughout the years. Today his responsibilities consist of: coordinating crews, researching potential projects, ensuring timely completion of all ongoing projects as well as maintaining customer satisfaction. Mr. Doran understands the importance of a safe work environment and ensures all those on his division uphold the company's motto of "Safety First".

To contact Donald, email him at: donald@clecocorp.com


David Campbell - Assistant Vice President Railroad Division

David has been with Cleco since 2011; he has a Bachelors degree from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Environmental Engineering. He has been in the management field for over a decade. His responsibilities today include: forecasting and administering all project scheduling for the railroad division, exploring potentially new avenues for work, customer relations, railroad billings, assisting in fleet maintenance for the railroad division, as well as various other daily tasks.

To contact David, email him at: dcampbell@clecocorp.com



coming soon

Roy Perry - Vice President Material Truck Operations - Railroad Division

Roy began performing routine audits in the railroad operations and ensuring DOT compliance throughout the division. He attained his current position in 2012 managing the material trucks daily scheduling changes. His responsibilities today include: ensuring the materials trucks that service 25+ states are continuously operationing, meeting the needs of all customers, pursuing new jobs site locations, dispatching mechanics for onsite repairs, as well as various office administrative requirements.

To contact Roy, email him at: roy@clecocorp.com


Brad Anderson- Vice President Excavator Operations - Railroad Division

Brad has been with Cleco for 8 years. He began as an equipment operator and excelled in his daily job duties. Today Brad's responsibilities include: managing the excavator/skid steer operations for the railroad division, scheduling/forecasting equipment to services the 25+ states throughout the US, ensuring client needs are met, jobsite visits to ensure necessary "Safety First", meeting with current and future clients, as well as various office administrative requirements.

To contact Brad, email him at: banderson@clecocorp.com



Robert Whited- Vice President Pipeline Division

Robert has been with Cleco for 8 years. Throughout Robert's career at Cleco he has performed everything from laborer services, operated heavy machinery as well as supervised numerous field operations. Today his responsibilities include: coordinating crews, researching potential projects, ensuring timely completion of all ongoing projects as well as maintaining customer satisfaction. Due to Robert's continued commitment to safety, we believe our pipeline operations to be the safest in the industry.

To contact Robert, email him at: rwhited@clecocorp.com



coming soon Jamie Steffey - Vice President Bridge & Concrete Operations

Jamie has been with Cleco since 1991. He began as a laborer on the Bridge operations. His 20+ years experience in bridge and concrete related operations given him the knowledge as well as required skills necessary to manage this division. His responsibilities today include: forecasting and administering all bridge and concrete operations, exploring potentially new avenues for work, DOT coordinations, scheduling subcontractors, as well as various other daily tasks.


To contact Jamie, email him at: jsteffey@clecocorp.com